Saturday, September 25, 2010

University and hobby time, not the best of friends

I have seen several blog posts about the lack of hobby time people find themselves facing, and how life is preventing them from painting, gaming and blogging. Sorry for posting another one, but I felt that doing so was a better alternative to just leaving my blog quiet without explanation.

What part of life is keeping me busy? I have started law school! I'm not even sure if I want to be a lawyer, but I do know what I would like to do in life career wise. How I will get into the position to do it is not obvious, but law school seems like a sensible step. Even if this step turns out to be one that doesn't take me towards the path I would like to travel later in life, it will still leave me with plenty of other options (and should be a pretty fun path all on its own).

From what I have heard from second and third year students, first year law will be a lot like the first year of undergrad. There is a staggering amount of reading assigned, and even though a lot of it doesn't need to be done, it's only after you've done it all that you will have learned what you didn't need to do, how to glance at something and get everything you need to know, etc.

There is a way to succeed in school and have free time and hobby time. I did it in undergrad (minus the hobby time, since I wasn't into the hobby yet. But if half of the free time I had was turned into hobby time, there would have been enough of both), and I will do it in law school. First, though, I have to learn how. For a while that means my hobby time will be too restricted to game, and paint, and blog about it.

Eventually, I hope to have the time to do all of those things. Right now, I think only the very infrequent blog post will make it up. (especially considering that I'm behind on all my readings. Thanks Bungie.)

When I do manage to put up a blog post, it will likely be on one of the following:

-painting for my Imperial Fists (managed to get quite a bit done before school started. Just need to find time to photograph everything).

-painting and modelling for Dark Eldar (I've wanted them since first getting into the hobby. No way am I  being reasonable and not getting them as soon as they come out).

-painting and modelling for Vampire Counts (hint: my favourite background story in the army book is about a certain fiend from Krudenwald).

-gaming with Space Marines in Battlefleet Gothic (the fleet is ready to go, minus a protective coat of varnish. I'm currently trying to decide how to do it. Two friends very recently had spray varnish frost their models).

To those who have read my posts, and especially those who have taken the time to reply, thank you! I will be checking the FTW blog rolls frequently to check out the awesome stuff everyone is working on.