Friday, November 12, 2010

Space Marine Battles Novels- short post

I finished reading Angels of Darkness a while back. Really liked it. Short novel that's light on combat and heavy with background.  The author, Gav Thorpe, proved that he doesn't need to use battle scenes as a crutch like some of the other members of the Black Library writing staff. Nice little ending, too.

Currently, I'm reading The Hunt for Voldorius, one of the Space Marine Battles Novels. The novel started well and hasn't let up. I don't like spoilers, so don't want to give away much. Obviously Kor'sarro Khan and the Raven Guard are in it. Well, actually, maybe that's not obvious at all after Titanicus. (Those who have read Titanicus will know that the cover art on a Black Library novel might be extremely misleading. Why would someone put the Salamanders on the cover of a book that doesn't even feature Space Marines?).

Anyway, I'll just say that Kor'sarro isn't the only character with a tabletop model.

The Hunt for Voldorius is, so far,  a much more entertaining read than Rynn's World (the other Space Marine Battles Novel that I have read), which was average.

Miniatures wise, my Space Wolf army now consists of a wolf lord in terminator armour, a wolf lord in power armour, one rune priest, one terminator squad, 3 rhinos/razorbacks, one land raider, two squads of grey hunters and one squad of blood claws. I also have 5 power armoured wolf guard to lead the troop squads. I plan on painting as much as I can between the end of this term and the beginning of the next.

The two wolf lords can also easily count as battle leaders or regular wolf guard, so aside from a long fang squad and a scout squad, I don't need to assemble too much more to have a nice sized army with some variety. Of course, though, I do plan on adding much more! However, once an 1850 sized army is assembled and painted, my attention will be turning back to my Imperial Fists. Or possibly something else. Something non Mon Keigh...