Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!.. Nemesis was good.

On Friday my friends and I got together for a fun night of pumpkin carving and Halloween themed cupcakes and cookies. And non Halloween themed beer!

The two pumpkins I carved are below.

Boba Fett:

And this guy:

Finished reading Nemesis a few nights ago. I liked it. Learning about the traits of the different clades, appearances by important figures (including a certain primarch of a certain favourite legion/chapter of mine)... all good stuff. For a Black Library book, it was very well written.

 I've started reading Angels of Darkness by Gav Thorpe. Two chapters in, and the book seems pretty good.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Space Wolves Land Raider Redeemer WIP

Fairly basic Redeemer. No magnets or significant conversions. I used spare bits from infantry kits to add some Space Wolf character to it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick painting update for my Imperial Fists

Here is where the vehicles are paint wise.

There are two more Land Speeders at the same stage of painting, Doing a whole army at once is rather daunting.  My next armies will be painted unit by unit.

p.s. If any readers have the time, I would be interested to hear a bit of feedback on my Ragnar conversion. I know it isn't finished, but am curious about what people think of the shoulder guard. Does it look plausible, or need some work?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ragnar Conversion- WIP

For this conversion, I used the Space Wolf Pack kit, and the Wolf Guard kit, as well as one sword arm from another kit; probably the Space Marine Commander or Command Squad box. I am waiting on the Space Wolves accessory sprue from GW to arrive in the mail. It has the commander back pack that a Ragnar model should have.

Here is how Ragnar's sword arm started. The GW model and the art in the new Codex both show Ragnar with a chain sword. None of the chain swords in the Wolf Pack kit had a pose I liked, so I dug the power sword arm out of my bits box and did some cutting and glueing.

Ragnar is supposed to have fancy shoulder guards. I wasn't too keen on sculpting a laughable imitation with green stuff, and started looking around for suitable bits. While looking over the sprues from the Wolf Guard kit, I noticed this bit:

Perfect! I even had a spare that I had ordered from a bits seller on ebay a while back (thinking ahead/buying stuff I probably wouldn't need). The rest of the cloak has the fur from a wolf's leg that looked like a possible addition to my conversion. It, and the wolf head bit are shown below, trimmed and ready to be attached.

Edit: pictures of the model mostly finished.

Excuse the tissue box with the flowers.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Space Wolves

Courtesy of Maelstrom Games, I picked up a Space Wolves army for myself a while back for a very good price. My original intention was to leave everything sitting in boxes until the summer. I made the purchase when I did because of the exchange rate at the time. So far, my choice remains a good one. Relative value of the British Pound to the Canadian dollar hasn't been that low since.

As it turns out, I enjoy modelling more than painting, and so when I needed a break from studying and felt like doing something hobby wise, boxes of Space Wolves and not yellow paint pots were opened.

My rune priest conversion. Everything I used came from a Wolf Pack box. The staff is a frost axe with the bottom and top removed.

His runic weapon is a bit unusual with the sword at the bottom, but I don't think it looks too goofy.

Next up, my Ragnar conversion and then some vehicles. The Wolf Guard in terminator armour will bemaking an appearance eventually. I need to get some cork board for the basing. The rune priest and Ragnar will get the same treatment. There is only the smallest dab of super glue keeping them on their bases at the moment.