Friday, July 16, 2010

Exciting tidbit from Forge World

From today's Forge World News letter:

"Exclusive Sneak Peek
Mk V Heresy 
ArmourAs you may have heard from our Studio design team at the Forge World Open Day back in March, or read in the Games Day UK Preview, our designers, graphic illustrators and writer Alan Bligh have spent much of the past few months feverishly working on an incredibly exciting Imperial Armour project that is, as yet, still Top Secret.

Our agents have managed to obtain this exclusive work-in-progress sneak peek of one of a veritable cornucopia of forthcoming Space Marine releases. Forge World is once again turning its attention to the noble warriors of the Adeptus Astartes, the Emperors' Finest. Many boffins died to bring us this information, so keep an eye on the Forge World Newsletter over the coming weeks for more details of this thrilling project..."

The picture is labeled "mkVnl." I'm guessing that means Mark V Armour. I am very excited about what could be coming.

UPDATE: I just noticed that on the Blogroll at FTW, the image does not appear, and instead has text saying "Mk V Heresy Armour." I really hope they're making old style Terminator armour.

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  1. The picture did not come up because it is being hosted by Forge World instead of someplace that the Google bots have access to and can get to it.