Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Warhammer World, My Girlfriend is Awesome

My girlfriend was in Europe before Christmas. Before her flight home from London, she made a trip up to Nottingham just so she could go to Warhammer World to get me a Christmas present. She only knew about Warhammer World because I had told her that I wanted to see it one day. She emailed my friend who sent her a list of things to pick up.

This is what she came back with. I was shocked and beyond delighted. I had no idea she had gone there.

Bugman's board game, Bugman's leather mug, Bugman model, two bottles of Bugman's beer, a Warhamer art book, a book on citadel minatures and the citadel display hall, and a sign that says "My other vehicle is a landraider."

All exclusive to Warhammer world. All fantastic.


  1. hah very nice - I particularly like the "My Other vehicle is a Land Raider" sign!

  2. Yeah, that sign went in my truck almost immediately.

    Also, I'm eagerly awaiting your next podcast episode!

  3. Episode 20 will be dropping in about a week. Episode 21 will be covering The Badab War part 2. We just had the book sent to us from Forge World... so lot's of material coming up!