Sunday, June 20, 2010

Land Raider ready for paint!

Here is the Land Raider for my Imperial Fists army. It has seen some slight conversion work, has been primed, and will shortly come under assault from a paint brush!

Of note are the Forge World Terminator door upgrades, as well the statue and engraving I have added to each side. You can also see how all four hatches have coins glued in place. The Terminator doors, as well as Redeemer Cannons and twin-linked lascannons, are magnetized so that I can easily switch between Land Raider variants. When I want a Redeemer, the guns go up front and the doors go in the rear hatches. When I want a God Pattern 'raider, the doors go up front with the lascannons in the back.

Both of the add ons are from the Bastion kit. They were part of the relief sculptures that could be put in the wall mounted turrets in place of the heavy bolters. I used clippers to cut them out and then a file to smooth out the edges. The Imperial Fist/Crimson Fists icons behind the Terminator doors are from the Drop Pod kit.

And here is a shot showing the magnets. The mounts I used for the coins came with the Land Raider kit.

My plan is to paint the Terminator doors and statues with a marble effect. How exactly that effect is achieved is something I don't know. Hopefully I'll manage achieve a decent measure of success. I'd hate to put to waste all the effort of cutting that saint statue out with a lousy paint job!

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