Sunday, June 20, 2010

Venerable Dreadnought, versatile drop pod icons

I really like this kit. The three different guns it comes with are a nice addition to my dreadnoughts' arsenal. I already had an assault cannon and a Forge World plasma cannon, but now I have two of each! Who doesn't want two Dreadnoughts armed with plasma cannons? I would happily field six of them with a Master of the Forge in a silly/friendly game if I had them.

As it happens, I can now field five dreadnoughts: two normal, two Ironclads, and the Venerable. One of my best friends will be made aware of this the next time we decide to play a game with ridiculous army lists. I'll have to keep my Master of the Forge model and Dreadnoughts hidden when I ask him if I can borrow a few of his drop pods...he might suspect something otherwise.

Nothing out of the ordinary with this model except for two magnets and the Imperial Fist icon from the Drop Pod kit.

The Drop Icons continue to find uses. It took a little bit of effort to make it fit on the sarcophagus cover, but I think it looks alright.

I felt that the Dreadnought looked way too cool with the torso exposed to put the cover on. On the other hand, the cover was really cool too. So...magnets!  It was really simple to do, and now I can field the Dreadnought either way.

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