Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sternguard Conversions, Fists are seeing progress

I've spent the past week and a half working on many of the tanks for my Imperial Fists.  Three rhinos, one razorback, two speeders and my landraider have been basecoated and washed. Scratch that. I just looked over at the painting table and realized the razorback just needs highlights, the details, and the tracks painted up before it's finished. Well, mostly finished. I may weather them a bit.

Pictures are being taken for the WIP post, but I won't put them up just yet. Instead, here are some photos of my Sternguard squad! These still have a little ways to go before they're ready for paint. The bolters need bigger magazines, and possibly straps and scopes. Even once assembly is finished, they'll be staying on a shelf for a while (except to come out for games). I want to leave them, along with my terminator squad, until after I've refined my painting technique and the painting process I'm using for this army.

Most of the squad:

Here is the sergeant:


Here is one of my combi-melta veterans:

Regular veteran:

And another angle:

And the last one I have a decent photo for:

Helmets: space wolves pack (two per box) (thank-you ebay)

Torsos: Tactical squad box (one per box) (thank-you again ebay)

Metal shoulder pads with Imperial fist symbol:  Bitz pack from GW

Other shoulder pads: Command Squad box, tactical box

For larger magazines, I'll be using the pintle-mounted bolters that come with Space Marine vehicles. I'll be taking the straps from Black Reach marines, or using plastic card.


  1. Nice Sternguard. Just wondering how you did the backward knife on the regular sterngurd marine?

  2. I started with a straight arm holding a chainsword. Using clippers and a hobby knife, I removed the chainsword so that I just had a fist at the end of the arm.

    Next, I took one of the combat knifes that comes with a combat or tactical squad box. I cut the end of the handle off and glued it to one end of the fist, and cut down some of the handle that remained on the knife before gluing it to the other end.

    I would recommend doing this once the rest of the model is finished. I broke the blade off a couple times while adding the arm holding the gun, and then adding the gun itself.

    Next time, I would drill into the fist a bit, and have part of the handle inserted inside.

  3. Yeah I tried that with the knife right side up. I did it by using the arm with the grenade in the hand. I just drilled it out and cut the knife right below the guard and inserted the handle then glued it together.

    BTW i like how you gave them all MK VIII Armor.