Monday, June 21, 2010

Librarian Conversion

This model was originally put together to go with the Imperial Fists successor chapter I had been working on. His look is a bit different from the standard librarian, and this fits with the background I developed for the chapter. As I still plan on doing that successor chapter, I won't go into what that background is just yet. That project will have to wait!

The legs and head are from the Dark Angels veterans models, I believe, while the torso is from the Space Marine Commander box. His staff is part power axe, with the winged skull coming from I think a command squad sprue, and the skull at the bottom is from a Vampire Counts box of skeletons.

I wanted him to look like he was advancing confidently and unstoppably towards some foe, either getting ready to hit it with a psychic power, or stopping the psychic attacks of a Chaos sorcerer.


  1. Really like the Libby. You nailed the pose perfectly on what you were going for. Good job.