Monday, August 16, 2010

Battle Fleet Gothic painting update

The fleet is nearly finished! Drybrushing is done, and the bases have been re painted. All of the engines and turrents still need attention, and the Imperial Fist symbol needs to painted onto each ship.

I'm mostly happy with how the models turned out. Sometime down the road I may repaint them. If I do, I'll bring the colour of the hull and highlight closer together.

The photos below were taken after I finished drybrushing, but before I repainted the bases. The base colour is Iyanden Darksun. This is followed by a wash of Ogryn flesh, which is followed by a dry brush of Iyanden/Bleach Bone mix, and then followed by a dry brush of Sunburst Yellow.


  1. Are you planning to do any detailing? stripes and such, and squad numbers or similar?

    I think the highlight looks fine the way it is.

  2. Thanks! The highlighting has actually grown on me, especially now that I've painted the turrets, launch bays and engines.

    Those elements have been basecoated with Adeptus Battle grey, and then highlighted with Codex grey and Fortress grey. The contrast with the yellow makes the model look much better in my eyes.

    The aquilas are being painted red, as is fitting for Imperial Fist ships. Unfotunately, I'm not sure how to go about painting them. I can do white aquilas fairly well, using Shadow grey and Skull White. I have never painted red before, though.

    I started with a basecoat of Mechrite Red on a practice aquila from a spare standard, then highlighted with blood red and shaded with a purple wash. Blood Red highlights were then re applied. Looked OK, but not great.

    Photos will go up soon!

  3. Aw man. This makes me miss my Battlefleet Gothic stuff. Your ships look good though!