Sunday, August 15, 2010

Battle Fleet Gothic, first model nearly finished

This first ship was a bit of a test model. It didn't turn out quite how I wanted. Too much of Ogryn flesh wash darkened the model more than I wanted, and dry brushing could only lighten the edges, due to how many of them and how close together they are.

The phote makes the model appear a bit lighter than it actually is. After a basecoat and wash, the model was dry brushed with an Iyanden mix, followed by a dry brush of Sunburst yellow. I will probably dry brush the model again with more Sunburst. The picture below is closer to the actual colour of the model.

The photo below is for anyone who was unsure of the scale between BFG and 40k.

The rest of fleet is basecoated and drying. I started to do the basecoat using an airbrush, but the spray was having trouble getting into all the recesses and I switched to a regular brush.

My plan was to finish the fleet by tonight. I'll now be going to my girlfriend's parents' place for dinner, so the dry brushing might have to wait for tomorrow. It's always nice to see them though, and they're making lamb! Easy to put the painting on hold for that (especially considering how awesome her mom can cook). Mmm lamb.

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  1. Looks nice I am getting geared up to paint some Firestorm Armada ships and think I'll be trying get mine to look similar.