Friday, August 13, 2010

Some work in progress photos

Well, it's about darn time that I put up some pictures of models that actually have paint on them.

Around 1850 points of Imperial Fists are painted to a table top standard (3 colour minimum and based). The standard I'm aiming for is a little higher than this. The Razorback bellow is about 80% done.

This was my practice tank sized model. I applied the same scheme that I planned to use on my infantry models. At the suggestion of a friend, a highlight of sunburst yellow was added. As soon as I saw the look it gave, I knew everything would be getting that highlight. The hull is finished, with a basecoat, wash, and repaint that is slightly different from the basecoat. The highlighting is also finished, while everything else still has a little ways to go.

You might notice that the paint appears somewhat bumpy. This is due to the primer, which went on like that. I'm not sure what happened, but it only happened to this tank.

I don't have any pictures of fully painted marines, but here is one with the basecoat and wash layers finished.

And...BattleFleet Gothic! I plan on finishing the whole fleet by the end of tomorrow. One battle barge, three strike cruisers, and nine frigates. Actually, that's a lie. My Grey Knights strike cruiser will have to wait. I would like to paint it in a Non-metallic metal silver. NMM is something I have never attempted, so that will require a lot of practice.


  1. Beautiful Razorback, and the color really pops. Loving the models for BFG might have to get me a few.

  2. What basecoat/wash combo is that on the marine?

  3. Iyanden/Ogryn. I quite like it. It shades the model without making it look dirty the way Delvan did.