Saturday, October 23, 2010

Space Wolves

Courtesy of Maelstrom Games, I picked up a Space Wolves army for myself a while back for a very good price. My original intention was to leave everything sitting in boxes until the summer. I made the purchase when I did because of the exchange rate at the time. So far, my choice remains a good one. Relative value of the British Pound to the Canadian dollar hasn't been that low since.

As it turns out, I enjoy modelling more than painting, and so when I needed a break from studying and felt like doing something hobby wise, boxes of Space Wolves and not yellow paint pots were opened.

My rune priest conversion. Everything I used came from a Wolf Pack box. The staff is a frost axe with the bottom and top removed.

His runic weapon is a bit unusual with the sword at the bottom, but I don't think it looks too goofy.

Next up, my Ragnar conversion and then some vehicles. The Wolf Guard in terminator armour will bemaking an appearance eventually. I need to get some cork board for the basing. The rune priest and Ragnar will get the same treatment. There is only the smallest dab of super glue keeping them on their bases at the moment.


  1. These pictures were taken from my new phone. Its camera seems to be better than my actual camera.

  2. great looking model. I really like the sword at the bottom of the staff, it really sets him apart. Great job.