Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ragnar Conversion- WIP

For this conversion, I used the Space Wolf Pack kit, and the Wolf Guard kit, as well as one sword arm from another kit; probably the Space Marine Commander or Command Squad box. I am waiting on the Space Wolves accessory sprue from GW to arrive in the mail. It has the commander back pack that a Ragnar model should have.

Here is how Ragnar's sword arm started. The GW model and the art in the new Codex both show Ragnar with a chain sword. None of the chain swords in the Wolf Pack kit had a pose I liked, so I dug the power sword arm out of my bits box and did some cutting and glueing.

Ragnar is supposed to have fancy shoulder guards. I wasn't too keen on sculpting a laughable imitation with green stuff, and started looking around for suitable bits. While looking over the sprues from the Wolf Guard kit, I noticed this bit:

Perfect! I even had a spare that I had ordered from a bits seller on ebay a while back (thinking ahead/buying stuff I probably wouldn't need). The rest of the cloak has the fur from a wolf's leg that looked like a possible addition to my conversion. It, and the wolf head bit are shown below, trimmed and ready to be attached.

Edit: pictures of the model mostly finished.

Excuse the tissue box with the flowers.


  1. Well took a look and if you are asking about the wolf head, I think s look good. But I would add some sort of strap for the head or something similar. The reason is so it wont look like its floating on the Shoulder Pad. Just my two cents.

  2. That is an awesome idea! Never even occurred to me to do that.

  3. Hehe the more Straps the better.