Friday, May 13, 2011

Dystopian Wars, Fed up with airbrush

Last night I played a game of Dystopian Wars. It was rather fun. A friend of mine bought the mega bundle, containing the starter boxes for all four fleets currently available. I played with the American (FSA) fleet and bought it from him after the game. Their play style was appealing. The FSA ships are effective at long range and can take a good beating. This is a nice change from my space wolf force, which is effective at mid range and in the assault. When I got home I ordered the carrier and scout airships. The models are really nice, highly detailed, and require little to no assembly.

The size of the ships surprised me, as did the level of detail.

If you have played Battle Fleet Gothic, then Dystopian Wars will not be too unfamiliar to you. There are several notable differences in game mechanics. BFG has modifiers to hit depending on ship vectors. Dystopian Wars does not. Instead, in DW you will typically hit on four's. However, the number of shots you have will depend on how far away you are from your target.

I began base coating my Space Wolf army tonight. Everything was going fine until paint stopped coming out of the airbrush. I'm not sure what the problem was. The paint mix was fine. This has happened every time I've used the brush, and I no longer think the problem is with me. Tomorrow I'll be purchasing an airbrush from a different manufacturer.


  1. Hmmm... perhaps that brush of yours needs a more throughout cleaning. Might I inquire what brand it was? If you're looking for a new one, well, I'm in the same boat. Having dome some digging on the subject, I'm torn between Iwata (or Gunze, since the tools come from the same manufacturing plant in Japan) and Harder & Steenbeck. Being in the States, you could probably get Paasche or Badger cheaper though.

  2. The brush I'm using is from Aztec. As it turned out, the problem was not the brush, but the air compressor.

    The compressor I was using is not intended for prolonged use, and so would get really hot. The air coming into the brush would be hot, and dry out the paint before it had left the nozzle of the brush.

    I borrowed a high quality compressor from a friend, and it solved the problem completely. The compressor turns itself off when I'm not not spraying with the brush. This keeps the air nice and cool.

    The brush also has a vapour chamber to prevent water from building up in the compressor and diluting the paint.

  3. I bought the COA faction, with more of an emphasis on flyers (I'm a big Last Exile Fan and I wanted to play something that reflected this), and like you I was surprised witht he size of the models. I have yet to play a game since it has not caught up yet in my corner of the world, but I am working on it.

  4. The flyers are my favourite part of the game. The ships are neat, but something about a fleet of steam punk / sci-fi airships and fortresses is just so cool.

    I hope you are able to get a game in soon! I believe Spartan Games has a campaign book or something similar out now. That should improve the fun.