Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Promethean Sun, Basecoating finished, brush work underway

Last month Black Library released a collectors edition novella for the Horus Heresy. It is called Promethean Sun (do you underline or italicize novella names?). I believe that it is primarily about Vulkan and the Salamanders Legion, battling against Exodite Eldar; however, two other primarchs and their legions also feature. Not having read it yet, I'm not sure how the focus breaks down.

I bought one for myself and one for a friend who plays Salamanders Space Marines and Eldar. The novella will make the perfect b-day present for him. I myself am not a huge Salamanders fan. Of course I think they are a cool legion, but I would say the same for any of the legions (except for the Imperial Fists, who I would rate as freaking awesome). It's just that I don't have any special appreciation for the Salamanders, relative to the others. My desire for owning and reading the book comes simply from it being a collectors item dealing with the Horus Heresy.

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In other news, I have solved the problem with my airbrush. It wasn't the airbrush at all. The compressor I was using is not suited for prolonged use. After 20 minutes, it would overheat, the air coming into the airbrush would be hot and dry the paint, clog the nozzle, and shut down my spray painting fun.

I borrowed a much higher quality compressor from a friend. The thing turns itself off when you stop spraying with the airbrush. Awesome. It also has a vapor chamber to keep moisture in the air from diluting your paint and changing the consistency of the paint coming out of your airbrush while you're painting. Doubly awesome.

As a result, I finished basecoating everything (that was primed) on Monday night. Didn't take long to do at all. The army is coming along nicely. Below is a quick preview. The lighting was was poor, but I promise that the models do, in fact, have light blue grey paint on them. Once I get a model completely finished I will borrow my friend's photo booth thingy.


  1. If you're wondering, the giant yellow ball in the first picture is my chair. Sitting on one instead of an actual chair is good for your back. Forces you to use your back muscles, rather than letting your spine take all the weight.

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  3. What brand of light blue grey do you use?

  4. I used a 50/50 mix of GW's Shadow Grey and I believe Spacewolves Grey. It is the mixture that was formerly available on GW's painting guide for space wolves. I just checked, and that guide is no longer there. GW probably removed it; it used the old paint range.

    Half the army was painted following that guide. It was done all together in stages. Unfortunately, when it was largely completed I came to realize that I was not happy with the look. I found the following alternate scheme and immediately loved it: http://www.minimanie.de/categorie-12004036.html So far, one unit of Blood Claws has been painted in this manner.

    The already painted half of the army will have to be stripped. It is my intention to write a post covering all of this, and some other posts showing my current Grey Knight project.

    Regarding the Grey Knights: I was eager to finally have an army completely painted to an above table top standard. The Grey Knights, with their smaller army size, allow this task to be completed sooner (and I was able to get a good deal on some new models).

    The painting on the five terminators I have done is by far my best. Unfortunately, pictures from my phone are not suitable for posting on the blog.